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What is Sports Premium funding?

The Sports Premium Funding is an initiative facilitated by the current Government to enhance the provision of P.E. and School Sport in primary schools. Each year, primary schools receive a lump sum depending on the number of pupils on roll and then a further amount per pupil on roll. In order to get the best value and maximum impact for our children and meet the government guidance it is important we spend the money wisely and plan for sustainability.

Hartley Brook’s vision is to provide high quality, inclusive Physical Education (PE) and sport for all children and incorporates all of Astrea’s core values. PE and sport

challenges us to build RESILIENCE through participation in physical activity

encourages EMPATHY through teamwork, coaching and fun experiences

ignites ASPIRATION by creating opportunities to shine

supports us to engage, collaborate and make our own CONTRIBUTION to an active school

brings HAPPINESS to all

The school will use the funding to continue to develop its P.E curriculum and provide our children with opportunities to enable them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. This will be achieved through

* Increased participation rates in sport

* Providing opportunities for competition

* Ensuring provision is inclusive, wide ranging and provides alternative sporting activities


The impact of the sports premium funding will be reported to Governors annually and the report will be on the website for parents to view.

Areas for Development 2018-19

Initial thoughts for the use of the sports premium funding this year are:-

* To continue to support EYFS through specialised teaching in reception classes.

* To Continue to raise the profile of PE through rewards and visits to sporting venues.

* To Improve the outside teaching areas to allow a broader experience of sports and activities.

* To continue to increase participation in competitive sport through festivals, school games and academy trust competitions.

2022/23 Planned Spend

2021/22 Evidencing the Impact & Funding Allocation

2020/21 Evidencing the Impact & Funding Allocation

2019/20 Evidencing The Impact & Funding Allocation

2018/19 Evidencing The Impact & Funding Allocation

2017/18 Evidencing The Impact & Funding Allocation

2016/17 Expenditure Report & Review

2015/16 Expenditure Report & Review

Previous Academy Sport Premium reports available here.


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