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Admissions to Hartley Brook Primary Academy

The Academy has adopted the local authority’s policy for admissions and applications for places at Hartley Brook Primary Academy will be made in accordance with the ‘Co- ordinated Admission Arrangements’ which forms part of the Local Authority’s (LA) published admission arrangements.

Applications must be made on the common application form (CAF) which is provided by the Local Authority.  Full details can be found by clicking the following link:- Primary school places – Sheffield City Council Online.

Any parent wishing to consider Hartley Brook Primary Academy for their child can contact the Academy for an appointment with Miss Renshaw who is our Attendance and Admissions Lead

Our PAN is currently 90 pupils for Reception.

Please see Astrea’s Admission statement and Astrea’s Admissions Arrangements

In year applications (school transfers)

The normal years for school entry applications are Reception, Year in Junior Schools and Year 7). If you want to apply for a school place outside normal school entry years you can apply for a transfer to another school. Any parent wishing to apply for a transfer must obtain a Common Transfer Form from their current school. You can apply for up to three schools.

The current school must complete Section 2 and send the application to the Admissions Team by email at or by post:

Floor 5, West Wing
S1 4PE

Sheffield City Council will manage your application on your behalf. They aim to inform you of the decision for the school you have applied for within 15 school days and the reason for that decision. If it is not possible to offer a place at any of your preferred schools, they will give you advice on the statutory appeal procedure. The Co-ordinated Admission Schemes are available on request.

Please contact Miss Renshaw at the School Office if you require any further information regarding In-Year applications/transfers.

Appeals Guidance

If your application for a place is unsuccessful, parents have a right of appeal and should contact the Primary Admissions Team. The Admissions Working Party, an impartial tribunal, hears appeals; their decision is final. Parents can only appeal once for any academic year unless there has been a change in circumstances relevant to the application. More information and an online application form is available on the Sheffield Council admissions website.

Primary Admissions Team contact details:

Pupil Admissions
3rd Floor, Howden House
Union Street
Sheffield S1 2SH
Telephone: 0114 273 5766

On-time primary and junior admission appeals timescales 2022/2023

  1. Primary and Junior National Allocation Date 19 April 2022 -email notifications sent 19 April 2022
  2. deadline for lodging an appeal is 17 May 2022- 28 calendar days from the date of notification
  3. notification of appeal hearing- at least 14 calendar days’ notice
  4. all effort will be made to hear appeals as soon as reasonably practicable
  5. appeals received after 17 May 2022- appeals to heard as soon as reasonably practicable

Nursery 2022/23

All applications for Nursery places are dealt with by Hartley Brook.

Hartley Brook will accept pupils into the Nursery base from their third birthday.

If you require an application pack or further details, please contact Miss Renshaw/school office (01142 456882) or via email

Please be aware that attending our nursery does not guarantee you a place in our reception, you will still need to apply.

Reception 2022/2023

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they apply for a school place for their children when entering Reception for the first time. Many parents are surprised at how far in advance they need to apply for a school place for their child, who may only be 3 years old at the time of applying.

Applications are invited every Autumn term (mid-September/early October) and the closing date for submitting applications is 15 January each year.
Authorities must enable pupils to enter Reception for the first time from the September after their 4th birthday. The dates below provide information as to which academic year pupils are entitled to attend according to their date of birth.

When will my child start Reception?

The majority of parents will apply and pupils will take up their place within these timescales.

Date of birth: 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019
  • your child will be eligible to start in September 2023
  • you can apply from Autumn 2022
  • closing date for applications is 15 January 2023

Secondary School 2023

If your child was born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012 they will transfer to secondary school in September 2023. You are now invited to apply for a secondary school place for your child. You must do so by 31 October 2022. You will have already been sent information about how to apply.

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