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Leadership Team

Principal – Mrs C Costello

Assistant Head EYFS – Miss L Middleton

Assistant Head Years 1 and 2 – Miss C Kemp

Assistant Head Year 3 and 4 – Miss D Maxey

Assistant Head Years 5 and 6 – Mr T Orr

Business Manager – Miss L Bower

Office Team – Please contact Mrs Orridge for any queries that you may have regarding Hartley Brook

Attendance Officer – Miss C Renshaw

Business Support – Mrs E Brameld

Business Support – Mrs J Machin

School Receptionist – Mrs L Orridge


KS1 HLTAs – Mrs Pollard and Miss Simpson

EYFS HLTA’s – Miss K Mitchell and Mrs Feetham

EYFS/KS1 SENco – Mrs S Morris

Nursery Team

Teacher – Miss M Wilson

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Z Bradshaw,  Miss G Jackson and Miss Rehman

Reception Team

FS LM Teacher – Miss L Middleton

FS CB Teacher – Miss N Smith

FS SLMH Teacher(s) – Miss S Lancaster (Mon-Weds) – Mrs M Moore (Thurs-Fri)

Teaching Assistants – Mrs D Douglas, Miss M Emson and Mrs C Haslam

Y1 Team

Y1 JW Teacher – Miss J Wood

Y1 KOR Teacher – Miss K O’Reilly

Y1 SM Teacher – Miss S Malcolm

Teaching Assistants – Miss J Firth, Mrs N Siddall and Miss Hoggard

Y2 Team

Y2 NG Teacher – Mrs N Gawthrope

Y2 ET Teacher – Mr E Tsiga

Y2 FP Teacher – Miss F Parkinson

Teaching Assistants – Mrs E Taylor and Mrs R Wordsworth


KS2 SENco – Mrs S Fairchild

HLTAs – Miss F Khan,  Miss G Robb , Miss S Connelly and Miss L Fletcher

Y3 Team

Y3 SC Teacher – Miss S Court

Y3 RT Teacher – Mrs R Travis

Y3 CDAW Teacher (s) – Mrs C Devey and Miss A Watkins

Teaching Assistants – Miss P Raistrick and Miss A Thorpe

Y4 Team

Y4 BD Teacher – Miss B Dean

Y4 JL Teacher – Miss J Lewis

Y4 NW Teacher – Mr N Wasteney

Teaching Assistants – Miss E Higgins, Miss L Lapper and Miss N Clayton

Y5 Team

Y5 JW Teacher – Mrs J Williams

Y5 RB Teacher – Mr R Brown

Y5 AG Teacher – Miss A Gough

Teaching Assistants – Miss G Broadhead and Mrs L Reinhardt

Y6 Team

Y6 RS Teacher – Miss R Stonehouse

Y6 LN Teacher – Mr L Needham

Y6 CM Teacher – Miss C Moran

Y6 LJ Teacher – Miss L Jones

Teaching Assistants – Mrs R Oakland and Mrs D Dickinson

Whole School

Chair of Governors – Mr R Webb

PE Teacher – Mrs D Alcock

Designated Safeguarding Lead – Miss D Hughes

Learning Mentor – Mrs E Nicholson

Pastoral Support Officers – Mrs M Brough and Mr C Wragg

Buildings Manager – Mr P Broomhead

Buildings Supervisor – Mr J Broomhead

Cleaners – Mrs S Mitchell, Miss R Cade, Mrs S Kempton , Miss B Milne, Mrs M Makmahi, Mr D Law, Mrs Spencer and Mrs Broomhead

Catering Team – Mrs D Wilson, Mrs M Borden, Mrs L Lodge, Mrs K Dyson and Miss S Kemp

Should paper copies be required for any information held on our website, please contact Mrs Orridge, Mrs Machin or Mrs Brameld in the school office



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