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Astrea Promise

The school are excited to announce the launch of the Astrea Promise.

What is the Astrea Promise?

This is a promise that school makes- to you! We promise that you will get the chance to take part in 30 amazing activities between Year 1 and Year 6! When you complete 10 activities you will achieve an award!

Amazing activities?! Sounds great! What are they?

They are a variety of fantastic experiences from sleeping under the stars, to visiting a foreign country. Not only will these activities be lots of fun but they will also help you develop 5 key dispositions.

What is a disposition?

A disposition is an invisible characteristic or quality a person has, for example being brave. In school, we focus on 5 really important dispositions. We call these the Astrea Dispositions. They are: resilience, empathy, aspiration, contribution and happiness.

What does the Astrea Promise look like?

You will also get a booklet that will last for 2 years and stay with you as you complete each part of the award. Take care of it! You will need it in order to pass! After each activity or experience, you will keep a record in your booklet, thinking about what you have learned. Your teacher will sign to say you have completed that part of the award.

What happens when I’ve done all 10 activities in my part of the award?

You will have achieved the award and will be presented with a special badge to wear on your uniform. There will also be a special awards event and a certificate for you to keep!

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